ALGEA is a social experiment and living installation discussing its physical and historical location in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.

Right now, standing in an old net factory, we are situated at a meeting point. On one side of us, the waterfalls flow with clean, mountain water down to the salty sea, on our other side. The two opposing currents meet when freshwater algae is pushed to shore, where it is swept up and tangled within seaweed. Fresh and saltwater algae are two of the oldest forms of nutrients in Iceland, they are naturally nutrient and energy dense and grow abundantly in the Icelandic climate. They are two of the few native species that we still see in abundance.

Looking down the road on both sides of us, we are positioned between town and the dairy farm. I have used local recipes from Seyðisfjörður as well as dairy ingredients inspired by the farm that reflect traditional Icelandic staples with ingredients that have been around as long as people have lived in Iceland; Wheat and Dairy. I have found local recipes that include these four ingredients: Wheat, Dairy, Lichen and Seaweed.

I intend to honor the industrial history of the Net Factory, which will be transformed after this installation into an art studio, as well as the historic past of Seyðisfjörður; its traditions, recipes and agriculture.