The intent of Series #2, "Let's Eat Cake", is to oppose Series #1. Consequently, cake and cotton candy will replace the seductive apples that hung in their place.  The once naturally colored space will transform into a seductive, artificial garden of eden. The participants will be encouraged to play in the space. Squishing, throwing, eating, and painting artificially dyed, highly sweetened "finger" foods onto hung fabric and the walls of the space. 

The space will be filled with sweet indulges, to the point where the participants will feel sticky and immoderate. Artificial candies will dye both their mouths and the hung fabric. Rich, red wine will color their tongues. 

Without napkins, participants will be offered a bucket of water to rinse their hands in. They will be forced to dry their hands on the hanging fabric and the walls of the space. Eventually, the water bucked will transform into a colored dye of its own, bathing participants hands into a prunedcolor. 

The cakes will be served in a non traditional manner. Dangling from the ceiling and stacked on the table, the cakes will become sculptural. Consequently, the participants will feel emboldened to use the cake in ways other then just eating. Silverware will be removed from the room, with the exception of a minimal supply of plastic forks. Again, the removal of dining norms will cause the participants to reflect on how they interact with their food and the physical, tactile attributes of the food in the space.