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My practice unravels agricultural processes by applying scientific theorization to artistic inquiry. 

I approach my work scientifically: I am a researcher and an artist interested in the cultural technologies and geological adaptations that underpin colonialism, agriculture and community. My work is both research and process driven: taking the form of paintings and installations. These art forms allow me to detail and share my own observations and research (in a painting) as well as to test hypothesis in multi sensory environments. My research is often dependent on history and language. I learn from the technologies that have been passed down from one generation to the next, from the written history, but, fundamentally from the community. Storytelling and language are the corner stone of my research. Often, this research is done over a shared meal.

My pedagogical and creative practices are interwoven. STEAM education gives me the unique chance to integrate Art with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through project based learning. I am currently a Teaching Artist at Marquis Studios, a nonprofit organization that provides arts programming to high-need schools with limited to no arts programming. My current in-school residency is “Science through Drawing and Sculpture”. I am an administrator for Pratt Institute’s Department of Mathematics and Science, where I was recently invited to guest lecture in “The Degradation of Art and Art Materials”. I hold a BFA in Fine Arts and a minor in Art History from Pratt Institute, coupled with my background in Biology and Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.